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Video #1:

Exclusive 60+ Private Video Interview With Mr X: 12-Year Veteran Strip Club Manager Bares All -- How YOU Can Seduce & Sleep With The Hottest Dancers WITHOUT Paying A Single Red Cent!
His insights on strip clubs are virtually unmatched in the community, having worked in the adult entertainment industry for more than 12 years. He sat down with me for this exclusive, one-on-one interview where he blows the lid on the inner workings of how to get these super-hot women into bed... every single time.

Mr X says:

"I have been in the strip club business for 12 years. What anyone says on the outside, they don't know [what I know about strip clubs]. I don't think anyone in this community can know better than I do. I dare ANYONE to challenge my claim"
Journal #2: "60+ Minutes Audio -- Gambler Method: The U.K.'s #1 Pickup Artist and Founder Of PUA Training, "Gambler," Reveals The Secrets Of International Stripper Game" (value: $49.99)"
Gambler is the founder of PUA Training, one of the top international seminar companies for guys who want to master the seduction game. He also happens to love banging gorgeous strippers, whether he's at home in London or tearing up the clubs in New York and Las Vegas.

Inside, you'll discover...

- The secrets of "sexual re-framing" -- critical for getting strippers (and other super hot women) to view you as a man they desperately want to sleep with.
- How to effectively control your conversations with strippers, so that you always know exactly what to say next.
- How to get her to come home with you that night, and if that's not possible, how to set up a next meet that gives you the highest probability of getting laid
- The secret tactics that Gambler used to go "four-for-four" recently: four visits to different strip clubs, and sex with four strippers... and much more!
Journal #3: Same Night Lays - "Rogue's Guide To Sleeping With ANY Girl In 24 Hours!"
"If you want to get the girl, sleep with her as quickly as you can"

Advanced pick-up artists SWEAR by this rule. They know that "timeline" is extremely important in getting a same night lay (SNL).

If you previously thought that one-night-stands are all about "luck" than anything else, you'll be boggled by the time you're finished with the grandmasters black book. Here, you'll learn directly from SNL guru Adonis a.k.a. "Charming Rogue".

His split-second strikes on women he meets out in the field are legendary.
Mastering SNLs, it's not easy, but follow his "rules" and I'll bet you my shirt you'll be screwing your balls out night after night, after night… for as long as you want.

Book #4:

The Smash-Hit Global Best-Seller "The M.A.C.K. Bad Boy Blueprint":
This MONSTROUS 185-page manual is an "in your face" no-holds-barred uncensored look into how you can integrate an irresistible sexy, bad-ass "Rock Star" Bad Boy edge into your attitude and approach towards women, seduction and dating as a whole.

Here you will learn how to blow off the "nice guy" image that repels women away and reel her into YOUR realm by becoming the charming, super-confident "new" you that they will secretly want to sleep & hang with... this follow-up program will build upon the skills you're about to learn and take your game to a rock star level.

Amongst others, you'll be learning:

How to respond when a woman claims to have a boyfriend, and how to BLAST him out of her thoughts -- so that she focuses only on you

Super-advanced attraction tactics that turns women on with instant sexual desire  (these psychological tactics are shrewd... but women LOVE IT when you use them!)

How to control her reality: Methods that put hot women in check and make her view you as a confident, assertive Alpha Male

Advanced Phone Game: how to use every phone call with a woman to AMPLIFY her attraction, and line up guaranteed dates

The 'secret' Bad Boy Seduction Sequence: a bulletproof step-by-step process for seduction, from the opening introduction all the way to the bedroom (all it takes is one night, when you follow this sequence.)

... and this is just a TASTE of what you'll be siphoning off this book!

(It also includes brand-new exclusive excerpts from "The Alpha Rules", the runaway smash-hit book Dean wrote with the nation's foremost "millennium lifestyle" guru: Carlos Xuma.)

Video #5:

Video Recording "Under The Wire": Approach Demonstrations With Playboy Playmates: Shannon Stewart and Katerina Kovac

This is an actual private video segment that was filmed at a seminar in Las Vegas (which attendees paid THOUSANDS to attend), includes actual approach demonstrations with two Playboy Playmates: Shannon Stewart and Katerina Kovac.

Here, you'll learn the about an ingenious secret technique known as the "UTW: UNDER THE WIRE" strategy, publicly exposed for the first time by the ever reclusive Pick-Up Maestro: RANGER X. You'll watch Ranger X lead students through actual approaches with these smokin' hot Playmates, as they unknowingly fall under his spell and become mesmerized by his UTW "charms"! (You CANNOT miss this!)

Course #6: Grandmaster's Advanced Influence & Persuasion Techniques:
This 52-page manual explains how to incorporate the most advanced persuasion methods to turbo-charge your conversations with women.

You'll learn how to use the "Cold Read" technique that psychics and palm readers use to amaze people with their "powers of perception"... and how to use this clever trick to make women think you can "read" into their psyche (Very powerful!)

You'll also learn an arsenal of special approach methods, and ways to use "Power Phrases" and "Teases" to go under the radar and subtly make her "feel it" for you... without even consciously knowing why!

Video #7: Live Video Demonstration: "Achieving The Ultimate Alpha Transformation" 

This is an hour-long private video recording of an in-field live group coaching session (which includes individual Q&A Sessions) taught by a former Hostage Negotiator and U.S. Marine who shows you how to develop an unstoppable attitude towards achieving your personal goals...with women and beyond.

By the time you're finished with this, you'll be transformed from the guy who normally sits at the back straight into the guy who walks into a room n have everyone talking and wondering "who's that?!"

You'll learn about the boot camp force march, k-9 mindsets, inner game transformation, "boot camp force march", alpha man awakening/congruence techniques that the world's best seducers use to hook up with women...every time.

CD MP3 #8: "Hanging Out With Dean Cortez-- The Masters Brain Dump... Ultimate Edition"

You'll also be getting well over 2 hours+ of CD-recording audio personal coaching with Dean himself. This is where he'll be talking about:

How to capitalize on the way women are "programmed" and framing yourself as "The Prize"

"The kitten and the string" analogy

Verbal "spanking" to demonstrate your emotional strength

Becoming a "moving target" and reverse the normal "rules" of dating

Professional Edited Transcription Of The 3 Hr 30 Minutes “super-intense” coaching call

Tactics for "closing the deal", building and escalating towards sex... bad boy style!

Advanced "Radar Jamming" techniques: even if you're not normally the "type" of guy she goes for, she'll be instantly curious and attracted...guaranteed!

... plus TONS more!

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