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Email Promotions

The following are Email Templates that should be used in the following sequence.

The objective of the mails are firstly to build up a HUGE anticipation to your list followed by the official announcement.

Email #1 :

Subject Line: [First Name] : Download This

Hi {!firstname},

Quick one...

If you want to know what's the FASTEST way to get the women you want to do what you want them to do... download this:


Inside, you'll find out more about:

- How to use "power phrases" that can control a woman's emotional state and trigger her attraction switches to turn a boring, standard conversation into a compelling, fun and flirty ones

- Breakthrough techniques to "control the flow." No nervous small talk. No awkward silences. You'll know how to hold her attention, while building her curiosity and interest in you

- How to lead a woman down the "path to yes" instead of giving her reasons to say "no" in your interactions with her

- Ways to neutralize the other men who are after your woman, without ever having to confront them.

- How to calibrate with a woman's emotional state, get her to open up, give herself ENTIRELY to you

- ... and much more!

Remember: A woman doesn't have to like you to *feel* attraction for you. Attraction happens on its own... regardless of other things happening at the same time.

Certain traits and communication techniques trigger "attraction"... and if you know what they are, and how to amplify them, you can then create results that will look like MAGIC to others watching.

...and if you'd like to be one of the few men on this planet that actually "gets it" when it comes to this "advanced level" of communication, check this out:


It will open up a new world that you NEVER knew existed, and teach you how to be the kind of man that women have been hoping for all their lives.

I HIGHLY recommend it!


Follow Up Email #2: (To Be Sent 4-7 Days Later)

Subject Line: Use This, She'll NEVER Say No!

Hey [first name],

Several days back, I shared a cool resource and it's a darn good feeling to know everyone's LOVIN it!

(Just in case you've missed it, you can download it again here):


I've noticed that more and more guys are tearing their hair out thinking of THINGS TO SAY to a woman to connect on a deeper, SEXUAL level as opposed to your everyday, snoozy boring 'talk' whenever their with them...

I can see where they're coming from.

It happens all the time...

- Have you ever found yourself not knowing how to REACT and what to say when a woman rejects you or is giving you a hard time and you wanted to REGAIN back the power in your conversation?

- Probably you've gotten so nervous with a girl you liked, you ended up saying something dumb and had her squinting, rolling her eyes and giving you that "UuUugH#@! You did NOT just said that!" look...

... Or have you ever been with a woman who was so beautiful to the point where you felt weak/powerless with the fact that SHE was controlling the flow of the interaction, acting bratty, throwing little missy fits left, right and center and all you could do is to just zip it, shut it and suck it because you didn't know HOW to get back that 'upper hand' and gain back "control"?

In short, if you're having problems CONVERSING and PERSUADING women to do what you WANT them to do, get this:


So go go go!

You'll be glad you did :)




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High Converting Articles

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Make Women Say Yes! To You EVERY TIME

I've talked to hundreds of women about the qualities they find most attractive in men, and a sense of humor is usually the first quality they mention.

But are women being phony when they say this?

Are they giving this answer because they don't want to appear shallow-when what they really want is a tall, muscular hunk with a ton of cash?

If the ability to make a woman laugh was such a huge turn-on, then wouldn't stand-up comedians get laid more than rock stars?

We all know guys with a "class clown" personality who are constantly saying hilarious things, and they're usually the LAST guys to hook up. Women find them amusing, but don't feel any sexual attraction.

Here's the truth.

When women say they love a sense of humor, what they really mean is they love the deeper ATTITUDE that a sense of humor points to.

Guys who are funny, playful and nonchalant around women - and even better, can bust on women and tease them a little - are obviously confident and in control of their reality.

These guys don't look to women for approval.

They don't radiate anxiety.

They never seem like they NEED to get a woman's phone number or hook up with her. This goes back to two principles that in the Persuasion & Mack Mastery Program:


1. Women love men who present a challenge.

2. Women are fascinated by men who are "in demand" and obviously have other romantic/sexual options.

Women, by nature, are jealous and competitive when it comes to men. Give her the sense that she'll have to step up and WIN you away from other women, and the game is on!

A playful, cocky guy radiates this attitude.

Having this attitude means you've got to stop second-guessing yourself. You've got to squash that little voice in your head that tells you why you SHOULDN'T approach a girl, or try to go to the next level with her.

The average guy takes himself WAY too seriously when it comes to women, and is constantly asking himself unnecessary questions:

"Does this shirt look good on me?"

"Is she going to get annoyed if I walk up and talk to her?"

"What if she has a boyfriend?"

"Where should I take her on a date?"

"What if we run out of things to talk about?"

"If I ask for her phone number, will she think I'm some stalker?"

"Is it too soon to try to touch her?"

When you allow your brain to fire off these questions, it DESTROYS your ability to be fun, spontaneous and playful.

You're allowing yourself to be preoccupied by unimportant details, when you SHOULD be asking yourself questions that boost your confidence and remind you to stay sharp and on top of your game:

"This girl is cute, but is she interesting enough for me to date?'

"Is she smart and funny enough to hold a conversation with me?"

"What can I teach this girl, that she'd never learn from the average guy?"

"What should I mention about myself, to really make this girl curious about me?"

"How far am I going to take this tonight, and what's my plan?"

Now, in terms of the verbal questions that you ask women, you've also got to learn how to "spin" them to make them effective.

When you're getting to know a girl, and you make a request that she can simply say "no" to, chances are she will:

Him: Can I buy you a drink?

Her: No.

Him: Can I have your number?

Her: No.

Him: Can I kiss you?

Her: No.

Him: Want to go back to my place?

Her: Hell no.

Him: Can I see you again?

Her: I'm pretty busy...for the next six months.

One technique is to rephrase your questions so that you give women "false choices." This means you are not giving her the chance to say "no."

You are assuming that she's going to go with your flow, and implying that.

Lead the interaction, and if she's at all interested in you, or at least curious, she'll go along with it and never shut you down with a "no."

WACK: Can I buy you a drink?

MACK: So tell me something interesting about yourself, that's going to make me want to have a drink with you.

WACK: We should exchange numbers. (as you take out your phone) What's a good time to call you tomorrow?

MACK: Want to go back to my place?

WACK: Let's go to my place and I'll show you that _______ I told you about. (Fill in the blank with something you mentioned earlier, that you want to show her.) I've got some good wine...but I've got to be up early tomorrow, so just one glass.

WACK: Would you like to dance?

MACK: I'm going to need to take you onto the dance floor. I don't want you standing here looking like a wallflower.

WACK: Would you like to hang out sometime?

MACK: My friends told me about this new lounge that has great music on Friday and Saturday nights. Which night is better for you?

Remember: boring, ordinary guys are constantly asking permission from women. This results in a lot of "No's," and a lot of disappointment, frustration, and masturbation.

In the meantime... flip the script and start "spinning" your questions to make them more powerful, interesting and effective.

Incidentally, if you'd like to get a TON of great conversation & persuasion themes and lines for specific situations, then you really should check this out:



Are Women CANCELLING Dates And Flaking Out On You?

>>> Question From Justin:


I'm halfway through your MACK Persuasion Mastery Program. Awesome stuff. I got a question for you. Maybe you cover it in a later chapter, but I need to find the answer out right now because this situation is driving me crazy...

Last week I met a girl at a party, had a cool conversation with her, and invited her to accompany me to a concert which was happening a few nights later. She enthusiastically agreed.

Then, the day of the concert, she called me and told me she couldn't make it. (Something about her best friend having some problem she needed to deal with.)

Normally, I would give her the benefit of the doubt and believe she really did get busy at the last minute.

But this has happened to me numerous times: I ask the girl out, she agrees, and then she calls me the day of the date with some flimsy-sounding excuse.

What's this all about, and how can I stop this from happening?

>>> My Comments:

If you ask girls out on dates on a regular basis, chances are they usually say "yes."

However, you've probably also found that a lot of these dates never actually pan out.

For some reason or another, on the day of the date, you get "the phone call." You know, the one where she tells you some lame-sounding reason why she can't make it, and she apologizes, and you both agree to reschedule for "some other time."

This is a part of the mating ritual. When a man proposes a first date, he is almost NEVER turned down on the spot.

Instead, the prescribed social norm is for the woman to "accept" his offer, even if she really has no interest in seeing him again.

Then, she'll wait until the day of the date, call the man between five hours and 15 minutes prior to the appointed time, and cancel.

A woman will never tell you, "I thought it over, and I'm really not into you, so let's not waste our time ... "

Instead, she'll give you one of the classic excuses:

"You'll never guess who just stopped by."

(Incredibly, a half-hour before the date, women will tell you their sister, best friend, or some long-lost acquaintance dropped in on them unexpectedly.)

She might tell you she has a "huge day" at work tomorrow, and needs to be rested, or concoct a more elaborate story about her car breaking down, her cat getting sick, etc.

The end result is the same. You're disappointed, wondering what the hell you did wrong, and you never see her again.

The way to counter this is to make sure she never "disqualifies" you in the first place. She should be looking forward to this date MORE than you are.

This means you've got to build a deep connection with her during that initial conversation, and make her feel INVESTED in the connection so that she wants to see it pay off.

Put it this way: she should feel like this first date might be the LAST first date she'll ever go on ... because you could be the guy she's been searching for!

So how do you make women feel this sense of "investment?"

First, the more personal/intimate information she shares with you about herself, the more "invested" she will feel in the relationship.

One way to accomplish this is to help her to VISUALIZE her future, and support that vision.

When she mentions what she does for a living, ask her if she finds it fulfilling.

Is it a field she's always been interested in, or is it just a temporary way to pay the bills?

Where does she see herself in five years?

Is there a goal she's working towards, or a business idea she'd love to get off the ground?

If she could do anything for a living, and she had the money to pursue it, how would she spend her time?

(You can learn more about this "sneaky" maneuver here):


Next, voice YOUR appreciation and support for that goal/idea. Tell her how you're passionate and motivated about a goal of yours, and the success you envision for yourself five years from now.

Give her the sense that you believe in her, that you're a loyal, supportive ally, and she's going to feel invested.

Who wouldn't want a person like that in their life, and by their side?


(This is huge.)

With the typical guy-girl conversation, it's the guy who is trying to impress the girl and convince her of HIS worthiness.

He is investing HIS sense of self-worth in HER.

The Mack turns the tables. Think Push/Pull.


Project the sense that you have high standards, and that the majority of women DON'T meet your standards. If she's going to deserve your time and attention, she's going to have to demonstrate her worth.

You're NOT the average chump, who's willing to buy drinks for any girl who is willing to talk to him.

Here are a few examples of Qualifying Questions and Statements:

"I was hanging out with my friend John today, he just got back from a business trip to Europe and he had an amazing time. He says London is his new favorite city. What's yours?"

If she admits she hasn't done much traveling, imply that she's not quite up to your standards: "That's surprising, you struck me as being sophisticated because you've got a nice sense of style. I think traveling, and seeing the world, is so important."

If she HAS traveled a lot, make her feel like she's earned a little bit of your respect. Then follow with another

Qualifying Question:

"That's good to know, there's no way I could date a woman who've never traveled. I find they have a really limited perspective, and that gets boring in a hurry. I hope YOU aren't boring..."

Here, you've given her ego a little boost. She feels like she has "scored points" with you.

Continue the process of Qualifying her, and she's going to want to score more. You're in the driver's seat.

Or, you could say...

"Wow, so you've never been to _______ (name a hot bar or nightclub in your town)? I don't know if this is going to work out between you and me, I'm a guy who likes to go out to all the new spots."

(Remember, always say these Qualifiers in a PLAYFUL tone.

Never sound harsh.) <-- VERY important.

Another Qualifying Statement: "So, tell me something about yourself that I would find interesting."

You can also throw "teases" into the mix to imply that you're not easily impressed:

(After she says something funny): "You're hilarious. Can I hire you for my next party?"

Or, "It's cute how you wrinkle your nose when you laugh."

(That was another little jab ... you're implying that you don't find her sexually attractive, only "cute.")

Or, "You seem like a really nice person, Sarah. I bet all your friends say that about you."

(This is a great one to use at a bar. You're complimenting her by telling her she's nice, but at the same time you're implying that she's not sexually attractive. Hey, no girl gets dressed up for a night out, hoping that guys will notice how "nice" she is ... )

This email's getting a tad bit too long, but these are a few basic pointers you should know - if you're ready to learn the COMPLETE system that is GUARANTEED to MESMERIZE and persuade ANY woman to DO whatever you WANT them to do, here's your quick and easy solution:


Suck it all up, and once you're finished, you'll no longer worry about women canceling dates on you. In fact, a BIG chunk of guys who have finished the program have told me their starting to run into a "different" set of challenge altogether: that the girls DO show up for the first date, but their "standards" have gotten so high, their "options" are so limitless... that on certain occasions, THEY'RE the ones cancelling it!


Make Women WANT You... Here's How

I want to talk about the Rule of Reciprocity today: an extremely powerful sales technique that plays on our nature as human beings.

Basically, the Rule states that when you give something to someone for "free," they're going to feel OBLIGATED to do something for you in return ... even if it's something of much greater value.

There are many ways to apply this Rule to women, and to make them feel "indebted" to you (in a good way).

The problem is, most guys do things for women CONSTANTLY and get NOTHING in return.

A student of mine, Gary, recently returned to the dating scene after breaking up with his girlfriend. He's a smart, funny guy.

He didn't have a problem with meeting new girls, getting phone numbers, and lining up dates ...

But Gary had a pattern of being blown off by girls AFTER the first or second date.

This always surprised him. He thought these dates went pretty well, and that he was laying solid groundwork. He expected to see the girls again.

But when trying to line up the second or third date, he would run into resistance.

The girls wouldn't return his calls, or they would make up an excuse about how "busy" they were.

Worst of all, some girls hit him with the dreaded line, "You're a really great guy, but I just like you as a friend."

(Which is chick-speak for, "you might as well give up, buddy, I'd sleep with my brother before I'd ever bang you.")

So, I asked Gary to tell us what his idea of a typical date consisted of.

He told us about his most recent effort, with a girl named Mandy. On the first date, he spent $100 taking her to lunch at a nice sushi restaurant.

On the second date, he took her to dinner and a movie. He chose one of the best Italian restaurants in town, ordered them a bottle of wine, and spent $250 on the evening.

At the end of the night she just gave him a hug goodnight, but Gary figured he was IN with this girl.

He assumed that on the NEXT date he would seal the deal... he just had to "play it cool."

But when he called her to schedule date #3, she told him she was "really busy" and wouldn't be able to see him that week. So he called her the week after that and left a message.

Two weeks later, and she still hasn't called him back...

Gary was confused and disappointed. He was racking his brain trying to figure out if he did something wrong. It just didn't seem to make sense ...

"You'd think she would be appreciative!" he complained to us. Gary knew that her ex-boyfriend had been broke all the time. His idea of "dining out" was taking her to Taco Bell.

And now along came generous Gary, taking her to fancy restaurants, spending money on her...you would think she would be grateful, right?


He was actually making women feel UNCOMFORTABLE by spending that type of money and showering such attention on them.


Put it this way. Have you ever gone out for a meal with an acquaintance (not a close friend), and at the end of the meal, they grabbed the check and insisted on paying?

It's a pretty hefty bill, and you expected you would be splitting the cost ... but they insisted on paying, and wouldn't take your money.

When someone does this for us, we feel appreciative, but we also feel slightly uncomfortable -- because we feel indebted.

You feel like you want to buy THEM a meal, or something, as soon as possible.

Owing someone is an uncomfortable feeling.

This is where Gary went wrong. He was spending hundreds of dollars on a girl he was just getting to know.

He thought he was impressing her with his generosity, but it had the opposite effect. After that $250 date, she gave him a hug goodnight and got out of there, because the fact that Gary was spending that much money on her made her feel uncomfortable.

When a guy shells out a substantial amount of money on a first or second date, and he hasn't hooked up with the girl yet, it can backfire on multiple levels.

She's thinking, "Gosh, if he's spending this much money on dinner, he probably expects me to put out at the end of the night..."

Or she's thinking, "There's no way I'm sleeping with him tonight. If I do, he'll think I can be bought and paid for... and that would make me slutty ... "

By the way, this a woman's "ASDM" (Anti-Slut Defense Mechanism) kicking in...

And meanwhile, he's thinking, "I better get more than a kiss on the cheek after all this. She just ordered a $40 entree!"

And so, underneath the pleasant dinner conversation, neither person is totally comfortable with the situation because it's been burdened with expectations.

As a Mack, you've got to keep women in a comfort zone. You never want her to think you EXPECT anything.

You project the sense that you are a man with many options. You send the message that SHE needs to impress YOU if she's going to deserve more of your time in the future.

Spending more than $50 on a first or second date, or taking women to elaborate places, suggests that YOU are the one who is trying to impress.

It also telegraphs your interest, and when you do this, women stop viewing you as a challenge.

So instead of taking her to dinner on a first date, meet up for a drink or coffee. Hang out. Let her grow more and more comfortable with you, stimulate her attraction triggers, and work the process.

Once you've hooked up with her, and decided she might be a "keeper," THEN you can take her out to a nice dinner. Think of it as "rewarding" her.

When it comes to spending cash on women -- whether it's paying for a drink at the bar, or buying an expensive gift for a girl you're in a relationship with--always think of it as a reward.

She has earned it because she has proved herself WORTHY of your time and money.

This is just one aspect of creating the new MINDSET that is going to make you incredibly confident & successful with women.

Then, we're going to teach you over 100 tactics & techniques for "closing the deal." (Your buddies are going to be jealous!)

Here's your direct access to it all:


Remember: Guys who flash money to women doesn't make you original. To women, you're just a dime a dozen. In fact, it's the guys who know how to cut through the small talk, and stimulate a woman's emotions and imagination, who never go home alone.


Increase Your Chances Of Getting Laid By 43%

Here's a quick story about a date I had last night.

Now, when you're trying to score with a woman, you've got to eliminate her feelings of UNCERTAINTY.

Women have all kinds of reasons to NOT talk to us, to NOT give us their phone number, to NOT go on a date, and to NOT have sex with us.

And a lot of this is because they don't feel SECURE with you yet.

So here's a real fast tip if you want to take a woman on a date...

Don't offer to pick her up. This might set off "red flags" in her mind. If she barely knows you, she might not want you to know where she lives.

This is understandable. A lot of guys (not like you) have stalker-ish tendencies, and maybe she's been through this with a guy before. Or maybe she knows a girl who has.

So if you barely know the girl, but you got her phone number, and now it's time to take her out, don't suggest picking her up.

Here's what you do instead. Tell her to meet you out in front of your place. Give her your address, tell her to meet you out front at a certain time, and tell her that the two of you can "roll together" to the spot.

(The bar, coffee shop, restaurant, party, etc -- wherever you plan on taking her tonight.)

She'll go for this suggestion because of two reasons:

A) It eliminates her fear that she's going to have to try to find the date location, and she might get lost. You're making it easy on her by suggesting that the two of you go there together.

B) She's probably going to be curious to see where you live. You didn't tell her that she'd be coming INSIDE your place. You only asked her to meet you out front. But still, she's curious to at least see the exterior of your pad.

So now, here's what you do. When she pulls up outside your place, you go outside, as if you're all ready to go on the date, and ask her if she wants to take two cars, or if she wants to ride in your car.

Either way she answers, here's what you do next: you tell her that you forgot something back inside your place. You tell her you need to do back inside for a minute.

And then you INVITE her to come in -- "just for a minute," you tell her.

So, you bring her into your place, and you let her hang out in the living room for a few minutes while you go into the other room and pretend to be getting the item that you forgot.

And then, you go with her on the date.

What was the purpose of this exercise? It's actually SUPER important. You showed her the inside of your home and you let her get familiar with it.

It is no longer a strange environment to her.

There is no longer a "fear of the unknown."

At the end of the date, when you invite her back to your place, this doesn't feel SCARY to her because she has ALREADY been inside your home, and knows that it's comfortable and inviting.

(But ONLY if your home is set up the right way, and even more importantly, it's CLEAN...all of this is covered here):


This sounds like a simple Tactic, but it really works. I ALWAYS try to show a woman the inside of my home, just for a few minutes, before I take her out on a date.

And you know what?

NOT using this Tactic, when I would invite her back to my place at the end of the night, I'd be successful around 43% of the time.

When I DO USE this Tactic, girls come home with me around 90% of the time. (And when they come home with me, I know how to close the deal -- it's all in the Persuasion Program.)

It all comes down to FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN.

Women are big on this. Guys are not!

(If a girl was HOT, I would drive in the middle of the night to the WORST part of town just to get laid! I wouldn't care where she lived -- I was going for the sex!)

But if you invite a woman back to YOUR place... and she has never seen it before...maybe she worries that it's filthy, or that you have a bunch of roommates, or that it's too far away, or whatever...there all kinds of little "red flags" popping off in her mind about why maybe going to your place is NOT a good idea.

And that's when she'll say, "Umm, thanks, but not tonight, I need to be up early tomorrow..."

Well, you AVOID all of this, and set her mind at EASE, when you "preface" the date by inviting her inside for a few minutes.

Then, at the end of the night, when it's time to invite her home...it feels to her like a MUCH safer and more comfortable scenario, because she's already been inside.

I've only scratched the surface of it, but if you want the really "killer" stuff and if you want access to HUNDREDS of OTHER ways to make women feel comfortable with you, and willing to say "yes" to whatever road you are leading her down to, just download everything here:



How To Bond & Create Emotional Connection

If you have followed my newsletters for quite a while, you will realize how I often stress that originality is the most important quality that you can convey to a woman -- from the way you dress, to how you approach the ladies and engage them in conversation.

On the other hand, when you fail to make a unique impression, she's going to automatically lump you in with the last 37 chumps who tried to talk to her -- and within three minutes of you paying for her cocktail, she'll be excusing herself to "go find her friends."

The key to building a bond with her is to engage her attention and get her to share information about herself.

Then you'll tell her how much you relate and establish rapport with her. One of my favorite conversational tactics for accomplishing this is using COLD READS.

This technique, which is used by psychics and palm readers, is a way to make the other person feel like you understand what makes them tick, and what they're going through, without them telling you.

The trick with Cold Reads is that the "observations" you're making apply to virtually anyone. Yet there are psychological reasons why they work so effectively.

Human beings are self-centered, and we generally accept claims about ourselves that reflect how we wish to be.

Also, people are vain. We want to be seen as unique. Even though Cold Reads are usually vague generalizations -- which would apply to your sister, just as they would to the hottie in the VIP room at the club -- we want to agree with the person who skillfully "reads" us, and we'll believe they have unusual powers of perception.

So forget about asking the generic "job interview" questions. ("So what's your name," "where are you from," etc.) Get ORIGINAL with your strategy in order to capture her attention and impress her with your charm and confidence.

If I'm in a club, talking to some babe who's acting hard to get, I'll use a Cold Read:

"Y'know, Andrea, I get the sense that a lot of guys get the wrong idea when they first meet you. They think you're stand-offish and a bit cold. But you're actually a lot more sensitive, and funny, than people realize."

Another example: "I get the sense it takes you a while to trust people, because you've been hurt before by someone who was really close to you. But the people that do earn your trust, you're always there for them."

Or, "I can tell that you're someone who usually plays it safe and doesn't take chances, but sometimes you've regretted it because you missed out on an opportunity. But then other times, you're spontaneous and adventurous, and you do take chances...and that's when you've had some of the best times of your life."

If she agrees with my "read"--and honestly, I've never had a woman totally disagree--I'll follow up by telling her that I can relate, because I'm the same way.

This builds a bond between me and her. In order to solidify the bond, I'll tell a quick story -- one that illustrates how I'm the same type of person.

(If you've got five Cold Reads ready to use, you should also have five short stories to illustrate how you embody those same qualities.)

Here's another cool one: "I can tell something has been weighing on your mind. You're on the verge of making an important decision in your life, aren't you."

Pretty much all of us, at any given time, are contemplating a big decision (or one that is big to us, at least). Regardless, she'll be surprised and impressed that you knew that about her.

She'll volunteer more information about herself -- and now you're engaged in a deep, authentic conversation instead of trying to fill awkward silences.

Much of what a cold reader does is simply repeating back what the subject has said. If she affirms that she's on the verge of making a big decision, you should nod wisely and say, "Yes, that's right, and you're really having a hard time with it."

Act as if you already KNEW what she was going to say!

Some other Cold Reads that are vague yet "profound":

"I can tell you have a strong need for others to like and admire you, but you also have a tendency to be critical of yourself."

"You've got a hidden talent, or a passion, that most people don't know about, and you want to pursue it-- but something is holding you back."

"At times, you're really social and outgoing. But other times, you're reserved and introverted."

Once you add Cold Reads to your conversations with women, you'll get a feel for which ones work best.

This is just one example of an original, thought-provoking conversational tactic.

To learn the COMPLETE arsenal, and how to use them with expert precision in any situation, download this:



KEEPING A Beautiful Woman Interested In You

You've probably got some VERY hot girlfriends right now, as a result of stuff you've learned here in our newsletters as well ;)

BUT... this is what I see happening quite a bit these days...

The truth is, even though a big number of you are starting to get the girls, something strange begins to happen...

As soon as they start dating a hot chick, they REVERT BACK to being a needy "wussy guy" who will do anything to keep getting sex from her ;)

So, they keep a hot chick for a few weeks or a few months... but then it all FALLS APART.


Most guys go through life without EVER getting the women they truly desire, because they think women are a "mystery" that is impossible to solve.

And so, they try to give a woman the things they THINK women want.

Some guys will spend money on her...

Some guys will always AGREE with her, and never challenge her opinions...

But most often, when a guy likes a woman, he will constantly make himself available to her. He thinks by spending the maximum amount of TIME with her -- and making her feel he's "always there" -- she'll eventually come around and start feeling attraction towards him.

The problem is, attraction does NOT work this way.

When you spend endless hours talking to her about life, and her problems, she may feel AFFECTION towards you.

The same emotion she feels towards her girl friends, and her gay hair dresser...

Or, towards her brother...

Or, her puppy.

But does she want to SLEEP with any of them?! Hell no!!

You see, sexual ATTRACTION is a whole different story. And it does NOT come from giving her gifts, taking her on expensive dates, or giving her all of your time and attention.

In fact, once you make a good first impression, you must LIMIT your time and availability in order to drive up her interest in you.

I'll get into this in detail later. You don't just want to "blow her off" and tell her you're busy... you want to use SMART TACTICS to frame yourself as "the prize" that she'll want to win.

(Ask a hot chick what type of guy she's into. She'll say tall, handsome, funny, rich... but the truth is, NONE of those qualities will matter if she meets a guy who knows how to "push her buttons" and feel REAL sexual attraction.)

Remember, women are NOT a mystery. In fact, they're pretty simple and transparent. Understanding a woman's needs and desires is NOT the head-scratching "puzzle" most guys think it is... IF you understand how to cut through all the games and bullshit, and stimulate her "attraction triggers."

But, because most guys have NOT been having success with women, they assume that this IS a big mystery which they can never solve.

On the other hand, we all know a guy -- maybe a co-worker or a friend of yours -- who has a way with the ladies.

Maybe you knew a guy in high school, or college, who had an incredible "way with women."

He wasn't rich, or incredibly handsome. He wasn't super "sweet" to girls -- actually, he came off a bit arrogant and cocky.

The girls KNEW this guy was a "player"...

And yet for some reason, they COULDN'T RESIST him!

And while this guy is scoring left and right, you and the other guys are wondering, "How the HELL does he do it? What's his big secret?"


In this program, you're about to learn ALL the secrets. The good news is that it's NOT a mystery. Success with women is based on rules and principles that any guy can learn, apply, and master.

And all women share core NEEDS and DESIRES that you can learn to identify and capitalize on.

If you've been fairly successful with women, you've probably been following some of these rules instinctively without fully understanding WHY they work the way they do.

Once you understand WHY these rules work, and how to put ALL of the pieces together, your game will go to a BULLETPROOF level.

Put it this way...

Getting REALLY good with women is similar to learning a foreign language.

You can buy a phrase book, and learn how to say a bunch of different things.

But you'll never become FLUENT this way.

You've memorized some phrases -- you can say "good morning," "how are you," etc., but you can't hold an extended conversation in that language.

The only way to become FLUENT is to put your book away, and immerse yourself in the culture.

You'll learn much more rapidly this way. And soon, you'll be having full conversations in any situation.

You won't always be STRUGGLING to figure out how to say the right thing. It begins to flow naturally. It becomes second nature.

Guys who only learn "pickup strategies"... or can get girls sometimes, but don't understand the RULES of attraction... only know the basics for certain situations.

In most OTHER situations, they struggle.

When you've got bulletproof game, you know how to handle EVERY situation with a woman and how to ELIMINATE all obstacles.

What if she's dating another guy right now?

What if you want to talk to her, or take her home, but you're worried about "blowing it?"

What if she's a friend that you want to turn into a girlfriend?

What if she recently went through a breakup, and she says she doesn't want to date anyone new?

These are just several examples of challenges. There are an ENDLESS number of these that you will face in your quest to get women.

And in this program, you'll develop the skills and confidence to tackle ANYTHING. If you HAVEN'T grabbed it yet, and you're STILL allowing women to play their silly little games with you, I want you to give this a quick look:


When you're done with it, talking to girls will feel like you're playing an easy level on a video game that you've already beaten.

You will be FLUENT with women...

And that's when YOU become the guy that makes other guys say, "What's HIS secret?" :)



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Read what other people have to say about this program
Women Persuasion Secrets Reviews

I recently discovered a great program called the Women Persuasion Secrets by Dean Cortez. In my opinion, it's a good place to start for a guy to become more competent with women and dating. I really enjoyed the whole program personally. To be honest, it has definitely helped me overcome a number of issues I've had that were previously holding me back with women.

These days it's definitely not easy for a guy to find dating advice that works.

So what makes this book different than everything else out there?

Well, it's all in the conversation & persuasion techniques that's inside.

Like most of us, Dean used to be terrible at all this to the point where he just decided to get all of it handled once and for all.

He sought advice from one the best and went straight to the source.

Not to the women themselves… After hearing so many women say they wanted a "nice guy", then turn around and complain about their jerk boyfriends (who they had obviously chosen over many nice guys like him), he was convinced that even women themselves weren't exactly sure of what they wanted in a man.

Dean sought the help of one of the best "naturals" in LA, who so happened to be… of all things… a hostage negotiator! That is an interesting story by itself too. It's an entertaining program I must say, filled with practical tricks, ideas & techniques for charming & seductively attracting women, you'll know what I mean within the first 10 minutes into the program.

You can listen to it here:


Dean has finally unraveled the "bad boy" mystery and explains exactly why some guys "get all the girls". More importantly, he explains how to develop the traits in yourself that drive women wild, and why you don't have to be a bad boy or a jerk to be successful with women.

There are simple things that you can do to separate yourself from 99% of the other guys out there, and Dean clearly spelt them out. He covers specific strategies and techniques for starting conversations with women, getting their phone numbers and email addresses, inexpensive and cheap date ideas, and how to take things to a "physical" level smoothly and easily.

Again, the techniques in the book are practical and easy to use. There is nothing you will have to memorize or study. You can start using what you learn right away.

We really cannot recommend this book enough. "Women Persuasion Secrets" is an absolute must read for the guys, no matter where they're at in the dating game. You can download it here:



Read what other people have to say about this program

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